Veterinarians Near By Me | Is Heartworm Fatal?


Veterinarians Near By Me | Is Heartworm Fatal?

The reason why pet owners dread hearing the words heartworm says veterinarians near by me. Is because not only is it fatal disease. But because it is entirely preventable as well.

Not only that, but pets typically will live with heartworm for several years after being infected. Meaning by the time they finally get diagnosed.

Treatment is very difficult, or is ill-advised. Because the treatment required to kill such a strong heartworm problem. Will end up damaging the health of the animal as well.

Therefore, with how fatal and difficult it can be to treat. Pet owners should ensure that they are utilizing preventative medicine. In order to guard their pet against developing this terrible condition.

In fact, the treatment for heartworm is a single dose taken on a monthly basis says veterinarians near by me. And can come in several different flavors for the discerning pet.

However, for pets that refused take chewable medicine. Or for pets that have shown that they develop gastrointestinal problems such as an upset tummy, vomiting and diarrhea. Need to understand that the medicine also comes in a topical format as well.

The topical medicine is applied once a month to the coat of the animal. Whether it is a dog, a cat or a ferret. In order to ensure that if their pet is bitten by a mosquito containing the dirofilaria larva.

The larva will not get a chance to survive in the animals bloodstream. This medication can work in dogs, cats as well as ferrets. Since these are the three animals that are most likely to develop heartworm.


However, veterinarians near by me also say that while cats and ferrets can get heartworm. It is a lot less common. Due to the size of the hearts cats and ferrets have.

It is more common in dogs. Because their hearts are larger. Providing a larger opening for adult heartworm’s to fit inside. And live inside, procreating and causing more heartworm’s to grow.

The longer the heartworm lives inside the heart or the lungs of the pets. Whether it is a dog, a cat or a ferret. The more it is going to cause that organ to not be able to do its job.

Therefore, when animals have been infected for a couple of years or more. They can develop symptoms including coughing, difficulty breathing, weight loss and loss of appetite as well as lethargy.

And in cats, they can start to vomit, refuse food, and develop difficulty in walking. As well as fainting and having seizures. Ultimately, it will cause their organs to fail which will cause death.

Which is why it is very important for people to either use preventative medicine. Or to go to the veterinarian every single year and get a heartworm test.

If people are able to get their pet diagnosed with heartworm early on. And before they start developing symptoms. The prognosis for the animal is extremely good. Which is why in addition to having regular tests. It is best for people to just prevent their animal from developing heartworm in the first place.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Is Heartworm Fatal?

Even though many people are afraid of their pet getting a heartworm says veterinarians near by me. They often do not know what heartworm is. As well as how their pet gets heartworm. Or how to prevent it.

Luckily, this is an extremely easy problem to prevent animals from getting. With the right preventative medicine. Treatments are easy to administer, and are only required once a month to 100% protected pets.

However, pet owners should understand exactly how their pets can contract heartworm in the first place. It is carried by mosquitoes. Who pass along the dirofilaria larva into the pets bloodstream by biting it.

The larva gets into the animals bloodstream. Where it uses the blood to grow into an adult. And the adult heartworm starts looking for a place to live.

Typically an organ that it can find a hole to crawl inside of. Which is why the heart and lungs are the most optimum place for the heartworm to enter and grow.

However, this is also why heartworm’s tend to be more common in dogs. And less common in cats. Simply because there are smaller holes in cats hearts and lungs. That are harder for heartworm’s to get inside.

Since dogs typically have larger hearts because they are larger animals. They contract heartworm to a higher degree of regularity. Because the heartworm’s can actually find a place to live.

According to the triannual heartworm society. There survey shows that the average number of dogs being diagnosed with heartworm per clinic is on a steady increase.


With the number of cases diagnosed in 2016 being 22% higher than those diagnosed in 2013. And while this might mean that more pet owners are going to the vet.

Pet owners need to understand that this is completely preventable. By taking and monthly medication. That they can easily obtain from veterinarians near by me.

If they do get diagnosed with having heartworm. Pet owners should understand what the treatment looks like. So that they can be inspired to treat their pet before it gets to this point.

The first thing they need to understand, is the sooner they get diagnosed with heartworm. The better the prognosis is for the animal. Because the treatment for animals who have heartworm is quite damaging.

The reason why, is because while there is no medicine that an animal can take. That will kill the heartworm without affecting the animal. The medication the animal must take. Will damage themselves as well.

The first injection that veterinarians near by me inject is going to be an antibiotic called doxycycline. This is going to weaken the heartworm. As well as sterilize them so they can no longer reproduce.

The doxycycline will also kill wolbachia, a bacteria that lives inside the heartworm’s. That once the heartworm’s die, the wolbachia can cause an infection in the animal.

After the injection of doxycycline. The animal will need a 30 day rest period. After this rest period, the veterinarian will give 2 injections of arsenic, 24 hours apart. Which should kill the weakened heartworm.

Because the treatment is so invasive. Pet owners should prevent their pet from developing heartworm. And the preventative medicine will provide 100% protection, guaranteed!