Veterinarians Near By Me | Is Heartworm Preventable?


Veterinarians Near By Me | Is Heartworm Preventable?

One of the most dreaded things that parents can experience according to veterinarians near by me. Is to hear that their beloved cat or dog is sick.

But that fear is alluded more founded. When pet owners hear that their cat or dog has heartworm. This is because heartworm is sometimes fatal.

And the treatment can be lengthy. And can negatively impact the pet as well. In fact, veterinarians near by me tend to want to avoid treating sick animals. Because they might not be able to withstand the treatment.

Once a dog or a cat is exposed to heartworm larva, called dirofilaria. Heartworm can live within them anywhere between five and seven years for dogs. And 2 to 3 years in cats.

The longer a pet has heartworm, he more difficult it is going to be to kill the heartworm and save the pet. Which is why it is very important for people to get a routine blood test when they do a routine exam with their veterinarian.

There veterinarian will typically do a blood test for heartworm every other year. And with three drops of blood, and just a few minutes. They can tell if they dog or cat has antigens in them.

That points to whether the animal has been infected with heartworm or not. While the blood test is going to look for something different in both dogs and cats. The test is conclusive for both animals.

However, pet owners need to understand. That heartworm is extremely preventable. And there are many different types of medication that they can take on a monthly basis.


There is medicine that their dogs or cats can chew once a month. That come in fun flavoured that pets like. Such as chicken, pork and beef.

However, in pets that have developed gastrointestinal problems in response to the chewable medicine. Such as having vomiting or going diarrhea after taking the medicine.

Pet owners can choose a medication that is topical in nature. Providing 100% treatment against developing heartworm. Without having to try to get an animal to take a pill.

This is especially important for cats owners. Who want to protect their cat against heartworm. But cannot get their cat to take a pill or eat chewable medicine.

What this medicine does, is it ensures that if animals get bit from a mosquito that is carrying they dirofilaria larva. Will not get infected with that larva. And the larva will die in their bloodstream.

Therefore, if pet owners want to ensure that they never have to go through the heart wrenching experience of testing positive for heartworm.

They should talk to veterinarians near by me. About what is the best medication for their animals. To ensure that they do not and up developing heartworm, and putting their animals at risk.

And while heartworm is not necessarily contagious. Other animals can get it if they are bit by a mosquito. And then the mosquito bites and uninfected animal.

Pet owners should protect their pets. As well as the pets that are around them. By getting heartworm treatment for their animals.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Is Heartworm Preventable?

While heartworm is typically diagnosed in dogs says veterinarians near by me. It can exist in cats and ferrets as well.

However, it is much less common in cats and ferrets. Because of the size of their lungs and their heart. The reason why, is because adults heartworm’s have a harder time fitting into the smaller heart and the smaller lungs of cats and ferrets.

Once an animal is bitten by a mosquito carrying they dirofilaria larva. That larva is transferred into the pets bloodstream. While the larva grows into an adult heartworm.

Once grown, this parasite starts looking for a host organ in which to live. Typically favouring the heart, which is where it gets its name. But it can settle into other organs such as the lungs.

When it is living in the pets lungs or heart. It will start reproducing, causing more and more heartworm’s to start to live and grow. In fact, heartworm’s can live for up to seven years in dogs before putting the dog’s life at risk. As well as 2 to 3 years in cats.

However, this is all completely preventable. If pet owners are taking the right precautions says veterinarians near by me.

There are several different medications that pet owners can give their pets on a monthly basis. Either a chewable pill, that can taste like chicken, beef or pork.

Or a topical medicine that they only have to apply to the coat of their pet. That can protect them from the dirofilaria larva.


Not only will this protect their own animals. But if there animal gets bit by a mosquito while they have heartworm. The mosquito can then carry the dirofilaria larva to other animals.

And by biting them, can cause the dirofilaria larva to be transmitted into a healthy host. Therefore, pet owners need to ensure that they do not inadvertently end up. With other animals developing heartworm because they were not protecting their pet.

While there are symptoms of heartworm in both cats and dogs according to veterinarians near by me. Those symptoms will only show up after several years of infection.

When the heartworm’s start to cause the animal difficulty breathing, eating, and starting to lose weight. In fact, cats can end up having seizures as well as fainting spells. If they are infected by heartworm’s.

However, once a pet is exhibiting symptoms. The prognosis for treatment is less favourable. Because the treatment that kills the heart. Also puts the animal themselves at risk. And weakens them medically.

Therefore, the best bet is for patients to get a heartworm test every two years from veterinarians near by me. So that they can find out early if their pet has heartworm. Making the prognosis for their recovery much better.