Veterinarians Near By Me | Pets Can Get Gingivitis


Veterinarians Near By Me | Pets Can Get Gingivitis

Many pet owners may not realize according to veterinarians near by me. That their dogs and cats can get gingivitis. And others dental problems. Which can cause greater problems years later. When their pets to get invasive procedures done. To help keep their mouth healthy.

This is why it is very important for all pet owners to understand. What they can be doing from the start. That can help keep their pets teeth and gums healthy.

Many pet owners wonder what is the healthiest food to feed their pet. Whether it is wet food, dry food, or a mixture of the two. And while both wet and dry food can both be very healthy. Pet owners should consider how the difference can affect their oral hygiene.

When pets chew dry food. What happens is the dry food scrapes off their teeth, taking any tartar buildup with it. And while wet food is just as healthy as dry food. Pets do not have to chew wet food. So they typically will not.

the results of pets eating wet food means that the wet food will stay on their teeth longer. Not only promoting tartar buildup. But the wet food can also get underneath the pets gum line. Causing tartar buildup underneath the gums, and promoting dental decay and cavities.

Therefore, veterinarians near by me suggest that if pet owners are going to feed wet food. That they feed some wet and some dry. Either at the same meal. Or have the wet food be the morning meal, and dry food being the evening meal.

Or that pet owners brush their pets teeth daily. In order to get that tartar buildup off their teeth. So that they can have a healthy teeth and gums for a long time.


Ultimately, veterinarians near by me say that prevention is always the best treatment for any dental problems. So regardless of the type of food that the pet eats. They recommend daily brushing of their pets teeth.

This is easiest to do when the dog or cat was introduced to the toothbrush at an early age. And as they get used to having a toothbrush in their mouth. The pet owner can gradually start to brush their teeth. So that it will be easy to do on a daily basis.

However, before a pet owner grabs any toothbrush and toothpaste and starts brushing their pets teeth. They should understand that human toothpaste is toxic to dogs and cats.

This is because human toothpaste has xylitol in it, which is deadly to animals. Any artificial sweetener is actually very bad for all pets. So purchasing a pet toothpaste is extremely important.

And they can come in laborers that the pet will love. And instead of mint, they can have their teeth brushed with liver, beef or chicken flavoured instead.

Pet owners need to understand that it is very common for pets to get dental diseases. That can end up causing them a lot of pain later in life. So by taking care of their pets teeth early in life. They can avoid a lot of serious dental issues down the road.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Pets Can Get Gingivitis

Many pet owners do not often think about oral hygiene in their dogs and cats according to veterinarians near by me. And do not often think about it until they start complaining that their pet has very bad breath.

And while pets typically have bad breath, when it gets very bad. The typical culprit is that the teeth are starting to have a lot of tartar buildup or calculus. Which causes bad breath.

The more tartar buildup there is on a pets teeth, more bacteria is in their mouth. And the worst their breath starts to smell. If a pet owner is not ensuring that they are brushing their pets teeth. Or giving them dental chews on a regular basis.

That tartar buildup can harden like cement. And once it is that hard, it is no longer called tartar, but instead called calculus. Not only does this also smell because of the bacteria in it. But the calculus can also get underneath the pets gum line.

And slowly start to push the gums upwards. Exposing even more of the tooth to bacteria. That can cause cavities and start loosening pets teeth.

When a pets teeth are this bad, pet owners need to take them to veterinarians near by me. In order to get their teeth cleaned. Which will require ending the animal put under general anaesthetic. They will be able to look at the pets mouth, and scale their teeth, so that they get the tartar and calculus cleaned off.


If there are any other dental issues present. Such as teeth that need to be removed. Then veterinarians will be able to do that at the same time. However, this is not going to be necessary. If people are taking care of their pets teeth early on in their life.

If pet owners are not able to brush their pets teeth every day. The next best thing is to use dental chews, that can help scrape tartar buildup off of dogs and cats teeth.

These dental choose can be in treats that dogs and cats cannot eat. And as they eat them, the hard to can scrape the tartar buildup off.

Or, pet owners can purchase dental choose such as an aura vet directly from veterinarians near by me. That is a very soft type of chew that is not meant to be eaten. That can scrape off the pets teeth as they chew this device.

Pet owners can look for dental devices to chew that are CET approved. Which means board certified veterinarians approve of the device. And does not need a prescription in order to purchase.

By giving pets devices to chew every day. Or giving them crunchy treats that can help scrape off their teeth. Can be the next best thing to brushing. In order to keep dental diseases like gingivitis and periodontal disease away. Ensuring that their pets have healthy teeth and gums for many years.