Veterinarians Near By Me | Preventing Dental Disease in Pets


Veterinarians Near By Me | Preventing Dental Disease in Pets

Many pet owners do not take into consideration how important oral hygiene is for their pets says veterinarians near by me. And this results in many pets having a lot of dental issues as they age. Which ends up with a pet owner needing to get a lot of invasive oral care for their dog or cat as they age.

Dogs and cats, just like humans can get dental disease including gingivitis and periodontal disease. That can end up causing pain and cavities. And even lost teeth if pet owners do not care for their pets teeth adequately.

This is why veterinarians near by me recommend pet owners get their pets used to getting their teeth brushed. And then brushing them every single day. They can acclimatize their pets to brushing.

By introducing a toothbrush and they are puppies and kittens. And as they age, make regular teeth brushing a priority.

Daily tooth brushing can not only delay dental problems and tooth decay. But it can often prevent it entirely. Making invasive dental examinations later in their life unnecessary.

While brushing alone is great. They can even purchase toothpaste designed for their pets. That does not contain any toxic ingredients that exists in human toothpaste.

But pet toothpaste also comes in flavors that pets will enjoy. Making tooth brushing a lot more enjoyable. So that he can be easier to do regularly.


In addition to brushing their pets teeth. Veterinarians near by me recommends giving pets dental chews. That can help clean their teeth. There is a wide variety of chews that they can utilize. From treats that are crunchy and can help scrape the tartar off the pets teeth. And keep their gums healthy.

To inedible dental chews made of synthetic material. That is hard for animals to chew through. But also will be soft enough not to damage their teeth and gums. They recommended type of chew would be CET approved. Which means it is board certified by veterinarians. Who all agree that it is good for pets to chew.

In fact, the best type of dental chew is called in order of that. Which does not need a veterinarians prescription. And if swallowed, will not obstruct the pets bowels. And can help keep the pets teeth clean as they chew it.

By brushing their pets teeth, and regularly giving them cleaning choose. Whether they are treats to be eaten or not. Can help ensure that pet owners are preventing tartar buildup in their dog and cats mouth. That can keep their teeth healthy for many years to come.

When pet owners are able to keep their pets teeth cleaned. They will not have to take them to veterinarians near by me in order to have their teeth cleaned. Which will require the animal being put under general anaesthetic.

Ultimately, prevention is the best treatment for dental problems such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. And can help ensure that pet owners cats and dogs are happy, with healthy teeth for many years.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Preventing Dental Disease in Pets

Many pet owners do not realize that their dogs and cats can get dental disease says veterinarians near by me. And that is why many pet owners do not take the time to brush their pets teeth. But this can be very significant in helping them stay healthy.

And if pet owners try to brush their pets teeth later in life. It may find that it is very frustrating. Because their pets will not like having the toothbrush in their mouth. Which is why starting to introduce the toothbrush at an early age is very important.

However, if a pet owner would like to start taking care of their pets teeth later in their life. There are many things that they can do to help keep their pets teeth healthy. Even if they will not tolerate getting their teeth brushed.

One of the first things that people should know, is that the type of food that their dogs and cats eat. Can impact their oral hygiene significantly.

While wet food and dry food are both nutritious for dogs and cats to eat. Wet food does not need to be chewed, which causes a lot of tartar buildup in both cats and dogs.

The wet food sits on the teeth and can even get under the gum line. Where tartar can buildup. And promote dental decay and the gum line.

If pet owners are feeding their pets wet food. They should either brush their pets teeth, give them dental choose on a regular basis. Or even feed them a mixture of wet food and dry food. To help them clean their teeth.


Dry pet food helps keep pets teeth clean. Because of how it scrapes the teeth as the pet choose it. Which breaks down the tartar that is on their teeth. Keeping their teeth healthier for longer.

There are many different dental chews on the market that pet owners can choose from. And anything that is hard and crunchy, and the pet will chew on. Will scrape the tartar buildup off of their pets teeth.

However, veterinarians near by me say that pet owners should be very mindful that the treats that they are getting their pets are not too hard. That can cause damage either to the teeth or the gums. For example, deer antlers and pig ears are an example of something that pets love to chew on. But might cause damage to their teeth and gums.

Therefore, any pet owner who gives these treats to their pets should always supervise them as they chew. To ensure that they are not inadvertently chewing too hard and damaging their teeth.

There are also toys that they can by their pets. That are designed to clean their teeth as they chew on them. And these can be effective as well. The most important thing for pet owners to take into consideration. Is that pieces cannot break off of these toys. And that they are non-toxic if accidentally swallowed.

When pet owners take into consideration the importance of oral hygiene in their dogs and cats. Veterinarians near by me say they can prevent dental disease. That can end up causing greater problems for the pet years later.