Veterinarians Near By Me | Preventing Dental Problems in Pets

Veterinarians Near By Me | Preventing Dental Problems in Pets

Many pet owners may not initially understand that there pets can develop dental problems says veterinarians near by me. Which is why it is important that they take their pets to the veterinarian when they first get them.

Not only is this important step to ensure that their pet is healthy, and all their shots are up-to-date. But the veterinarian will also be able to share with them important information that they need to know.

Such as why it is important to keep their pets teeth clean. And how they can ensure that they are keeping their pets teeth and mouth as clean as possible.

First, one of the most important things that pet owners can do. Is brush their pets teeth. Veterinarians near by me say that nothing is going to prevent dental and periodontal disease like brushing their pets teeth.

In order to ensure that they can train their pet to take a toothbrush. They should start introducing the toothbrush to the pets mouth at an early age. Ideally, at the time. Whether pets can get used to having the toothbrush in their mouth.

Slowly, and over a few days. Pet owners can the toothbrush to start brushing at their pets teeth. Before trying to have a full tooth brushing session.

By starting slow, and having them get used to the toothbrush from an early age. Can help increase their tolerance to getting their teeth brushed. So that they will be more successful in keeping their teeth clean for the rest of their life.


Pet owners can also use toothpaste. To help brush the tartar buildup off their pets teeth. However, veterinarians near by me recommend that pet owners get special toothpaste designed for pets.

Human toothpaste contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol. That is extremely toxic to both cats and dogs. Which is why they should never use human toothpaste on their pets mouth.

Also, human toothpaste is very minty, and most pets do not like that tastes. And the pets toothpaste they can purchase at a pet food store. Or from their veterinarians office will come in for flavors their pets love.

By using pet toothpaste, and introducing them to brushing at an early age. Can help pet owners be successful when brushing their pets teeth. So that they can eliminate tartar buildup on their pets teeth.

Once a pets teeth have developed tartar buildup for a long time. They will need to get in to see their veterinarian in order to get a tooth cleaning.

But once their dog or cats teeth are clean. They can introduce brushing, to prevent any more tartar buildup from happening. So that they can end up with a clean mouth.

Not only does tartar buildup promote cavities. But the more tartar buildup there is in their pets mouth. Or their breath will start to be very unpleasant. So by regular tooth brushing. Pet owners can ensure that they are taking away the tartar buildup. That also causes their pet to have bad breath.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Preventing Dental Problems in Pets

Pet owners should understand that their dogs and cats are able to get the same dental problems they do says veterinarians near by me. And if they do not minimize tartar buildup. The results will be the same. There pets will end up with cavities, perhaps losing teeth, and gum disease.

What happens if pet owners are not cleaning the tartar buildup off of their pets teeth. Is that the tartar buildup will continue to accumulate. And over time will become hard. At this stage, it is referred to as calculus.

Once this tartar buildup is extremely hard, and cannot be removed with brushing. And will require taking the pet to veterinarians near by me for a dental cleaning.

In order for pet to undergo a dental cleaning. They will need to be put under general anaesthetic. Therefore, it needs to be done at a veterinarians office. And they will need to get a full physical done first, to ensure the pet is healthy enough.

And while dental cleanings are not problematic, even in older pets. Pet owners will want to minimize how many times their pets needs to get put under general aesthetic. In order to get their teeth cleaned.

This is why it is very important for pet owners to take care of the tartar buildup in their pets themselves. So that they do not have to increase the number of times there animal needs to get put under anaesthetic for a tooth cleaning.

However, dogs and cats do not tolerate having their teeth brushed very well. And if people have not introduced them to the concept of brushing their teeth from an early age. They may not except having their teeth brushed.


For these animals, veterinarians near by me say that having the right food is extremely important. Many pet owners debate feeding their pets wet food or dry food. Based on a number of factors. Though taking into consideration, how important dry food is in helping keeping their teeth clean.

Every time a pet eats their dry food, whether it is a dog or a cats. The crunchy kibble will scrape against their teeth, eliminating a lot of tartar buildup as they eat.

Wet food on the other hand does not need to be chewed at all, so their pets will not use their teeth. Which means the wet food coats their teeth in a fine film. Which ends up promoting tartar buildup. Especially below the gum line.

While this does not necessarily mean people should avoid feeding their pets wet food. It means if they decide to feed them wet food, they should also be doing something else to help ensure that they are taking care of their pets teeth.

Like feeding them dental treats, or giving them chew toys that are designed to help them clean their teeth.

By understanding that it is important to take care of their pets oral health. And what they can do to take care of the tartar buildup on their teeth. Can help empower pet owners to make the right choices. To help keep their animal as healthy as possible.