Veterinarians Near By Me | Preventing Heartworm Today


Veterinarians Near By Me | Preventing Heartworm Today

Even though heartworm is a disease that can be treated successfully according to veterinarians near by me. Most experts would agree that prevention is far better for the animal. And for the owner then the cure.

However, many pet owners are not even aware of what heartworm is. Or how an animal would get infected with this parasite.

The first thing that veterinarians near by me say that pet owners should be aware of when it comes to heartworm’s. Is that the only classification of animal that can be affected by a heartworm is a mammal.

However, not all mammals can develop heartworm. And it is most commonly found in dogs. Although cats can develop heartworm them. This is less common. And cats are considered an atypical carrier.

However, according to the triannual heartworm society. They have done a survey, that shows that the instances of heartworm within dogs is on the rise.

In fact, the number of dogs being diagnosed with heartworm per clinic in 2016 was almost 22% higher. Then dogs who were diagnosed with heartworm disease in 2013.

And although it is a treatable disease. The treatment is harsh on the animal. It takes a long time, and it is also expensive. And it also requires the animal to be in fairly healthy condition initially.

Since pets can live with heartworm’s for many years says veterinarians near by me. They typically do not start exhibiting symptoms. Until there are so many heartworm’s in their organs.


That they start developing organ problems. And by that time, there are typically so many heartworm’s. And the heartworm’s are so strong. That treatment can be a lot more difficult.

Also, pet owners need to be aware. That the treatment although effective. Does not actually kill the parasites. But instead makes them weak, sterilize is them so they can no longer reproduce.

And then shortens their lifespan. So that they die quicker, and if a pet is no longer getting any new parasites spawning inside of them. Will eventually have all of the parasites die and be cured.

As the adult heartworm’s die, the bodies of the dead parasites are carried by the blood to the lungs of the animal. Where they large in the blood vessels there. They then decompose, and are absorbed by the body over several months.

Therefore, a dog or a cat that has been diagnosed with heartworm. Can go on to continue to have heartworm’s for another 2 to 4 years.

It is also very important for pet owners to know that as the heartworm’s start to die and decompose. Their body breaks up into pieces. Which can sometimes create a pulmonary embolism.

This is why animals need to be kept calm and quiet during the treatment. And then for months afterwards. So therefore, pet owners can treat heartworm disease.

But it is much more advantageous for pet owners to prevent this disease rather than to treat it, based on all of the risks the animal faces.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Preventing Heartworm Today

Pet owners should understand that it is easier to prevent heartworm says veterinarians near by me. Then it is to treat it.

There is several different kinds of medication on the market. That is designed to help prevent an animal from developing heartworm disease.

Heartworm disease refers to the heartworm parasites. That animals can get from being bitten by an infected mosquito. While dogs are most commonly affected by heartworm disease.

It is not unheard of for a cat to develop heartworm disease. Although they are considered an atypical case of heartworm disease. This is typically because the larva will not mature in the cats bloodstream.

And also because the parasites are typically too large by the time they reach adult hood. That they are typically unable to find a spot that they can fit inside a cats heart or lungs.

Since infecting the heart and lungs of an animal. Is how they will attach to the body, so that they can grow and reproduce. If of parasite cannot do this in the animal.

They will typically not be able to get infected with the parasite. This is why it is far more common for dogs to get infected with heartworm disease. But not completely unheard of.

Ideally, pet owners will take their dog or cat to veterinarians near by me on an annual basis. So that they can not only have a physical. To ensure that they are in good shape.


But also, because the animal will also benefit from receiving a blood test called a 4 D X test. Which not only will screen for the parasite heartworm.

But will also look for a variety of diseases caused by ticks. Such as Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and ihrlichosis. For dogs, the blood test will look for antigens that are released by adult female heartworm parasites into the pets bloodstream.

In cats however, the test looks for antibodies. Which are a chemical reaction that the cats body produces. In response to having heartworm parasites in their blood.

If they test positive. A pet owner can be consoled by the fact that they found out before their pet starts exhibiting symptoms. Which can ensure that the treatment is much more successful. And less hard on the animal’s body.

If the animal tests negative for heartworm disease. Then the pet owner can proceed with preventative medication. That will be designed to protect the animal. By killing any heartworm larva that they get infected with.

If they get bitten by mosquitoes who are carrying the heartworm larva. Heartworm larva is called dirofilaria. And they get hatched into existence by a female mosquito who had fed on the blood of an infected animal.

This is a cycle that perpetuates even more mosquitoes being created that are already infected. So by protecting an animal. A pet owner can ensure that their pet does not go on to infect mosquitoes, to break the cycle.

With how easy it is to prevent heartworm. More pet owners should talk to their veterinarians near by me about what they have to do to protect their pet.