Veterinarians Near By Me | Preventing Heartworm


Veterinarians Near By Me | Preventing Heartworm

Not only can heartworm be a fatal illness according to veterinarians near by me. Even if it is not fatal. The treatment can be extremely invasive. And can cause the animal to become quite sick while killing off the parasite.

This is why preventative maintenance is typically a much more favoured prospect. By veterinarians nearby me in helping pet owners prevent their pets from being infected with this parasite.

The first thing that is important to know. Is what heartworm actually is. Heartworm refers to a parasite by the name dirofilaria. That is spread exclusively by infected mosquitoes.

An infected mosquito will bite a dog or a cat. And then transfer the dirofilaria larva into their bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream. The larva grow into adults.

In the bloodstream, the full-grown dirofilaria parasite starts looking for a host. And they prefer an organ that they can crawl inside of and create a home.

This is why animals who are infected with heartworm typically will have their lungs or their heart affected. Where this parasite can reproduce and grow.

And while dogs are more affected than cats. This is typically because cats have smaller hearts than dogs. Which means grown dirofilaria will have a harder time crawling to the hearts and lungs of a cat.

However, dogs and cats are not the only animals who can get heartworm. It is also known to affect ferrets. As well as some humans in some extremely rare cases.


However, in humans, the dirofilaria larva will typically die in the bloodstream for they are able to go into adulthood, or reach a humans heart or lungs.

However, because it is not completely unheard of. Any animal that has dirofilaria larva in the bloodstream. Can get bit from a Quito. Who will then carry the larva from the dirofilaria. 2 other animals that they bite along the way.

That is how one infected animal can infect an uninfected animal. Or how households can get multiple cases through transmission.

And while this is where according to veterinarians near by me. Because it is not completely impossible. People may want to prevent this from happening by taking up preventative medicine.

There are several different types of medicine that they can take. From different types of chewables. They come in many fun flavoured for their animals.

But for animals that have experienced gastrointestinal distress such as vomiting or diarrhea when taking chewables. There is also a topical medicine. That pet owners can apply to their pets for says veterinarians near by me.

This is especially beneficial to cats, who are notoriously difficult to medicate. And can help ensure that cats are being protected from the dirofilaria larva. On the off chance that they get bitten, and then have the dirofilaria larva grow into an adults and crawl into their heart.

Ultimately, people need to weigh the pros and cons of giving their pet preventative medicine. Versus what it would be to treat their pet on the chance that they get heartworm.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Preventing Heartworm

It is very important for pet owners to understand that although getting heartworm is less common according to veterinarians near by me. Heartworm diagnosis is on the rise.

In fact, according to the triannual heartworm societies survey. It showed that the average number of dogs that are being diagnosed with heartworm are increasing. With 22% more cases in 2016 then those diagnosed in 2013.

The most important thing to know is that preventing heartworm is possible. And the medicines on the market. Provide 100% guarantee of protecting their pets.

Pets who develop heartworm can live a long time once they are infected. With cats being able to live to 3 years with heartworm. And dogs being able to live 5 to 7 years after becoming infected.

The death that they experience is not a pleasant one. It can cause severe lung disease, heart failure, and organ damage.

If patients are not getting veterinarians near by me to do a blood test every year or every other year. They should be aware of what the symptoms of heartworm are.

In dogs, they can see that their dog starts acting lethargic, coughing a lot and having difficulty breathing. As well as losing weight rapidly.

In cats however the symptoms are different. Causing them to vomit, have a decreased appetite which leads to weight loss. As well as difficulty breathing and walking. Having seizures and fainting.


However, pet owners need to take into consideration that by the time their pet is experiencing these symptoms. They have an extremely advanced case of heartworm.

And prognosis gets worse, the more time a pet has heartworm. Therefore, getting a regular blood test is very important to ensure that they can detect heartworm early.

So that they have a better chance of eliminating heartworm from the pet. The reason why it is so important to detect it early. Is because the treatment can be very harsh on the pet.

And if the pets health is already compromised because their organs have already started to fail.

They may end up not being able to handle the treatment, which includes a very harsh arsenic based drug. Therefore, pet owners should think about asking veterinarians near by me to do a blood test for heartworm every year.

Not only does the heartworm preventative medicine protect against heartworm. But it also ensures that the pet is protected against roundworm and hookworm. They can end up causing a lot of other health issues for the animal.

In order to fully protect their pet from heartworm. Veterinarians near by me recommend getting their pet heartworm medicine every single month. As well as going for a yearly checkup with their veterinarian.

It will be able to decide whether they should do a blood test to look for heartworm. Especially because this test can also did act take diseases including ihrlichosis, anaplasmosis and Lyme disease.

Pet owners should protect their pets as effectively as possible. By giving them the best chances at healthy life. Including preventative medicine and regular checkups.