Veterinarians Near By Me | Should Pets Have Their Teeth Brushed


Veterinarians Near By Me | Should Pets Have Their Teeth Brushed

There are many things that pet owners do regularly to ensure their pets are healthy says veterinarians near by me. From being very careful about what food they feed their pets. To getting annual checkups and regular shots done. However, many pet owners do not take into consideration their pets oral hygiene.

This is incredibly important however. Because both cats and dogs can get tartar buildup on their teeth. Which can lead to cavities as well as gum disease. Just like in humans, the most effective treatment against cavities and gum disease is that brushing. But if pet owners are not aware of this, they are putting their pets at risk of serious dental issues.

This is why, veterinarians near by me like to mention this at the initial veterinarian visits with their puppy or kitten. To let pet owners know how important this is. While there are a variety of products and treats that are designed for pets oral hygiene.

The most effective solution is brushing the teeth. Because while other options can slow down dental problems. Brushing can actually prevent them from the beginning.

By introducing a toothbrush to their pets mouth as young as possible. Can help acclimatize them to having a toothbrush in their mouth. Which will make it much easier to eventually start brushing their teeth.

However, before pet owners start brushing their pets teeth. They need to ensure that they either purchase pet toothpaste. Or at least are avoiding using human toothpaste.

Veterinarians near by me say that human toothpaste is actually toxic to cats and dogs. Because of the artificial sweetener xylitol, which is a common ingredient in most toothpastes.


But also, pet toothpaste will also have fun flavoured. Such as beef, chicken or liver. That is going to make brushing their teeth a lot more fun for the animal. That they might actually look forward to.

In addition to learning how important brushing pets teeth is. Pet owners should also take into consideration the food that they feed their animals. Because that can impact their oral health significantly.

For example, when cats and dogs eat dry food, because it is crunchy, it will scrape the teeth, which can break down tartar buildup on their teeth.

And wet food does not need to be chewed. So pets will typically swallow this. But in the process, their teeth will develop a film that actually promotes tartar buildup.

Not only that, but wet food can actually settle below the gum line, which does more than promote tartar buildup. It can cause cavities below the gum line. Which can be painful. And will result in an animal needing dental extractions done.

This is why it is incredibly important for pet owners to take their new puppy or kitten to veterinarians near by me. For a complete examination. So that they can get a clean bill of health.

But also find out what they should be doing early on in their pets life. To ensure that they are healthy as possible. Including their oral care routine.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Should Pets Have Their Teeth Brushed

Many pet owners are not sure if brushing is effective in keeping their pets mouth healthy says veterinarians near by me. Or, that they simply do not know what is appropriate dental care for their pets. Which can put their animal at risk of developing dental problems.

If they do not get the tartar buildup off their pets teeth regularly. That tartar buildup hardens into a substance that is then called calculus. And not only is this calculus very difficult to get off without professional help.

But this calculus also contains bacteria. That causes animals breath to smell very bad. And that bacteria can cause cavities in their pets mouth.

If this calculus is not cleaned off. It will start to go underneath the gum line, pushing the gums up. Allowing bacteria to get underneath the gum line and start eating away at the pets tooth.

Not only can this cause cavities, but it can also cause a pet to start having their tooth that is affected loosen. Which can cause them a lot of pain when they play or when they chew.

This is why it is incredibly important for pet owners to ensure that they are taking good care of their pets teeth. And while the ideal care is for pet owners to brush their pets teeth. This is not the only option.


Some pet owners are not able to get their pet to tolerate having a toothbrush in their mouth, especially cats. And veterinarians near by me say that for these pets, a dental chew or a dental treats. Our both beneficial in guarding against tartar buildup.

Any chew or treat that encourages the chewing modality in an animal. And scrapes against their teeth can start breaking down the tartar buildup on their teeth. And while this is not as effective as brushing. It can significantly slow the progression of dental problems.

And if people are taking their animal every year to veterinarians near by me. They will be able to get the veterinarian to look in their pets mouth. To see if there teeth are going to need to get a cleaning soon. Or if there are any other issues that are starting to develop.

One of the most highly recommended dental chew toys on the market. Is called an or of that. Which is a very soft chew toy. That is non-toxic, and will not obstruct the bowels if accidentally swallowed.

It is CET certified. Which means a Board of certified veterinarians have approved it for use. And can be used very safely. Because it is very soft, pets can aggressively chew on this toy and not hurt their gums or teeth. And is highly recommended for people who are looking for a toy that can help clean their pets teeth.

By understanding how important it is that they are darting against dental disease for their dogs and cats. Pet owners can by all of the appropriate things they need.

Either to brush their pets teeth, or give them toys or treats that are going to minimize tartar buildup. And work to keep their pets as healthy as possible.