Veterinarians Near By Me | Should You Brush Your Pets Teeth?


Veterinarians Near By Me | Should You Brush Your Pets Teeth

Many pet owners are not aware of how important dental care is for their pet according veterinarians near by me. However, if they learn early on in their pets life. They will be able to do a number of things that can help ensure they keep their pets teeth healthy.

If they get their dog or cat very young. While they are still a puppy or a kitten. They will be able to start introducing a toothbrush early on in their life. Starting out with playtime. By ensuring they are introduced to a toothbrush early. Can help them brush their pets teeth a lot easier.

And while many pet owners have been debating what type of food they should feed their pet. Whether it is dry food or wet food. Even though both types of food are healthy. Veterinarians near by me recommend pet owners take into consideration that dry food helps keep their pets teeth clean.

The first reason is because pets do not need to chew wet food. And they typically will not. Being more likely to swallow this food whole.

In addition to not chewing it. Wet food can get under they pets gum line. Where it is able to cause tartar buildup much easier and much faster.

If pet owners feed their dogs and cats dry food. Not only will they be far more likely to chew the food. But that will help scrape their teeth clean. Minimizing tartar buildup.


Many pet owners may opt for using dental choose. To help brush their pets teeth. And the dental to most recommended by veterinarians is an oravet chew.

Not only is this type of to CET approved. Each means board certified veterinarians approve this for use with animals. It also is a very soft type of dental chew. That effectively cleans cat and dog’s teeth. But if it is also swallowed by accident. It will not obstruct the bowels of the animal. And because of this. Is a very safe dental chew to use.

However, pet owners should understand that anything that will inspire their pet to chew. And can rub against the pets teeth. Will be effective at helping clean their teeth.

Veterinarians near by me do recommend that any time an animal is chewing on a dental chew. That it is supervised by the pet owner at all times. This is to ensure is actually chewing the toy instead of trying to swallow it whole.

By ensuring they feed their pet the right food. They are getting them dental choose to help clean their teeth. And getting their pet used to a toothbrush early on. So that pet owners can brush their pets teeth. This will ensure that owners are doing is much as they can to minimize tartar buildup in their dog or cat’s mouth.

This should not replace regular appointments with veterinarians near by me. To clean their teeth regularly. Therefore, pet owners should do everything they can. As well as make those dental visits regularly.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Should You Brush Your Pets Teeth

Pet owners are often wondering if it is necessary for them to brush their dog and cats teeth according to veterinarians near by me. While the recommendation is for pet owners to brush their pets teeth every day. It can often be difficult to do.

And before any pet owner grabs any toothbrush and toothpaste. And starts brushing their pets teeth. They need to ensure that they pick up toothpaste that is specifically designed for animals.

The main reason for this according to veterinarians near by me. Is because human toothpaste contains an ingredient called xylitol. Which is toxic to both cats and dogs. In fact, pet owners should avoid feeding their animals anything that have any type of artificial sweetener in them.

Plus, if they pick up toothpaste at their veterinarians office. Or if they get toothpaste from their pet food store. They are likely to be in labourers that their pets will enjoy such as chicken, beef or tuna.

People will also be able to get a toothbrush that is designed for their animals meld this. Especially since cats have very tiny mouths. And dogs can come in many different shapes and sizes. They will want to pick a toothbrush that matches the animal that they have.

By regularly brushing their pets teeth. Veterinarians near by me say that they can minimize tartar buildup. And while prevention is the best treatment. Even regular brushing may not be enough to keep cats and dogs from developing gingivitis.

If this is the case, the recommendation is for pet owners to make an appointment with veterinarians in order to get a teeth cleaning done.


Since dogs and cats cannot keep their mouth open. They will have to put their animal under general anaesthetic. So before any cat or dog gets this done. Veterinarians near by me will do a full physical to ensure the pet is healthy enough.

One common concern that pet owners have. Is that there animal is often older by the time they develop tooth problems. And they think that there animal might be at risk by going under general anaesthetic.

However this fear is unfounded. And most animals never have problems with general anaesthetic. Regardless of the age that they are at.

Once under anaesthetic. The veterinarian will be able to give the pet a full cleaning of their teeth. As well as assess the situation.

Many small pets will require to the extractions. Especially as they get older. And this can be done at the same time that they are under general anaesthetic. To prevent owners from having to bring their animal back and undergoing the anaesthetic more times.

People will notice that after they get their animals teeth cleaned. That they will have nicer smelling breath. This is because the cause of pets bad breath. Is in the bacteria on the tartar buildup in their mouth.

Therefore, good oral hygiene in their pets can help ensure that their pets teeth are healthy. And their breath is good. So that they can always get kisses from their pets.