Veterinarians Near By Me | Should You Clip Nails Yourself?


Veterinarians Near By Me | Should You Clip Cat Nails Yourself

Learning how to cut pets nails is an extremely good skill according to veterinarians near by me. Not only because pet owners needs to ensure their cats and dogs have their nails trimmed more often than they might think. And learning how to do it themselves. Can ensure that they are able to cut their nails as soon as they see that they are needed.

There are many reasons why cats and dogs need to have their nails trimmed on a regular basis. But turn Ariens near by me say that one of those reasons is because long nails can get caught in a multitude of different things. For example, long nails can be caught in bedding and sheets, dog and cat beds and even rugs just to name a few.

If the animal is caught, and they start to struggle to release themselves. This can end up causing them to rip their nail. And it might cause them to become panicked, causing them to struggle even harder which would rip their nail.

Also, regular cutting of the nails is a great way to ensure that they are staying fairly dull. Wild dogs nails don’t sharpen significantly. Cat’s nails do says veterinarians near by me. And trimming them down on a regular basis. Is a great way to ensure that they can stay as dull as possible at all times.


Pet owners understand how often they should be cutting their pets Nails as well. Dogs nails are thicker than cats, and grow slowly. So veterinarians near buy me recommend clipping their nails once a month or as needed.

Cats on the other hand have faster growing nails. And they should be Clips every two weeks. However, veterinarians near by me says that there is a product that they can buy that can lengthen the time needed in between nail clippings.

These are called claw covers, and our little silicone caps that can be placed on a cat’s nail. This will stop them from being able to Claw at things. Which will ensure that they don’t need to get their nails clipped quite as often to keep it dull.

However, veterinarians near by me say that as the nail grows out, the nail caps will fall off. And a pet owner should cut their cat’s nails before reapplying the cat claw caps.

Another reason why is very important to cut pets Nails regularly. Is because if they are not clipped regularly, as the nail grows. It will grow in a circle, curving back towards the animals toes and paw pad.

If left long enough, the snail can curl right under the animals Toes or paw pad and start digging into the Flash. Not only is this very painful to walk on according to veterinarians near by me but also, it can cut the animal’s skin, and they would be at risk for infection as bacteria will be able to freely enter this wounded.

Therefore, people should ensure that they are looking at their animals toes and claws on a regular basis. To ensure that they get their nails trimmed as often as needed. So that they don’t end up hurting themselves.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Should You Clip Dog Nails Yourself

While cats needs their nails clipped approximately every two weeks on average says veterinarians near by me. And dogs need their nails clipped about once a month. Many pet owners are opting for learning how to do this themselves. So that they can save a significant amount of time and travelling back and forth to their veterinarian or their groomer to have them cut their pets Nails.

While cats should go to the groomer about twice a month to get their nails clipped and dogs about once a month. This timeline can be lengthened if the Animals lead an exceptionally active lifestyle. Or if they are doing a lot of their exercising on concrete. Such as being taken for long walks on a sidewalk.

However before any pet owner decides to start trimming their pets nails. They should hear from the experts, what they need to know. And they can even arrange with their pet groomer or veterinarians near by me. To teach them what they need to know about clipping their pets Nails.

The first thing that they should keep in mind, is that the tool is important. And if they have a dog and a cat. Then they needs to be buying a separate tool for each. Not only are their nails completely different. With dogs nails being quite a bit thicker than cat’s nails.


They will also learn to watch out for the quick. Which is the fleshy part inside the dog and cats now says veterinarians near by me. That provides the blood supply to the nail to keep it healthy. If too much of the nail is cut off says veterinarians near by me. This can cause discomfort to the animal.

But also, in addition to being uncomfortable or even painful. The quick can bleed a significant amount. Therefore, pet owners should keep this in mind when they are learning. So that they know how far 2 cuts without going too far.

If their pet has clear or white nails. It’s going to be significantly easier to see the quick. Because it will show up as pink in the pet snail. However, if their pets nails are black. Then it can be very difficult to tell where the quick is. And why people should be cautious and get a demonstration before they start clipping away at their pets toes.

People should have on hand clotting powder. Because even the most seasoned professional will clip the quick once in awhile. And clotting powder will help stop the animal from bleeding. If people cannot find clotting powder. Then they should look for cornstarch, because that can do the same thing.

Once people learn how to cut their pets nails. They can not only save time and money by doing this themselves. They can all store that they have their pet snails taken care of as soon as they need. Instead of waiting for an appointment to become available.