Veterinarians Near By Me | Should You Clip Pets Nails Yourself?


Veterinarians Near By Me | Should You Clip Cats Nails Yourself

There are many reasons according to veterinarians near by me that pet owners should gets their cats and dogs claws trimmed on a regular basis. There are several ways they can do this. From bringing them into their veterinarian’s office, so going to a pet groomer. To learning how to do it themselves.

If pet owner is going to learn how to cut their cat and dogs nails themselves. There are several things that they needs to learn before they attempt this. The first thing that they should do, is contact their veterinarians near by me in order to get a demonstration first.

The veterinarian Tech Will teach the pet owner what they need to know to clip their pets Nails efficiently and safely. The demonstration will be Hands-On, and will allow a pet owner to ask as many questions as they need. And practice until they feel comfortable.

They will learn if they should hold their animal, or how to get them to stand still to get their nails clipped. They will also learn how often they needs to have their pets nails clipped. When they make the appointment at their veterinarian’s office, they should let them know that they would like a demonstration. So that they can learn how to do this themselves.

They will also learn how much nails to cut. Because if they cut too far, veterinarians near by me say they can cut the quick of the nail. Which is a fleshy bit inside the nail, that brings the nails blood supply to it. So if it gets cut, it will bleed a lot. And it can hurt the animal as well.


Learning how to avoid the quick is easy in animals with white or clear Nails. Because pet owners will be able to see the quick, as it is going to look pink. However if the pets have dark or black nails. It can be very difficult to tell where the quick is. So learning about how much to take off is extremely important.

Veterinarians near by me will also tell pet owners to ensure that they buy some clotting powder before they begin. Because if they do accidentally cut the quick. This will be the fastest way to get the bleeding to stop. If they can’t find clotting powder. They can use cornstarch. But always call the veterinarian’s office. If they are unable to get the bleeding to stop.

They’ll also find out about what clipping implements they should use. Because 4 cats and for dogs, there is a wide variety of options. believe their veterinarians near by me office. Pet owners should be confident in their knowledge, and know what they have to pick up in order to do this themselves.

By clipping their pets nails themselves. All pet owners can ensure that their pets are getting trimmed as often as necessary. To ensure that they are happy as well as healthy.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Should You Clip Dogs Nails Yourself

While many pet owners realize that their dog’s nails need to get cut on a regular basis says veterinarians near by me. Can’t owners may not realize this is important as well. This is for the health and the safety of the animals.

Because long nails can be difficult or painful to walk on. And it can also cause them to injure themselves or others by accident.

As their nails grow longer, they will curve under, causing them to first put pressure on their toes in an awkward way when they walk. And as they grow, they will continue to curl says veterinarians near by me. Which will result in the animal eventually walking on the nails. Before the nails start digging into and cutting the animal’s foot open.

Not only is this painful. But it puts them at risk for getting infections. As dirt and bacteria can find their way into the cuts on the bottom of the animal’s foot as they walk around the house and go outside as well.

Another reason why pet owners should ensure that their pets get their nails clipped on a regular basis. Is because they can get caught in Furniture, bedding and fabric. Which can be distressing to the animal.

As they struggle to get loose, they can panic. Causing them to rip their nail in the process. Potentially injuring them or damaging their foot or nail in the process. This is just one of the many reasons how a pet can get hurt if their nails are not kept shortened.


Regular nail trimmings can help this significantly. And while dogs nails grow fairly slowly. They only needs to get trimmed a boat once a month. Cat’s nails are sharper, as well as grow faster. And they should be clipped approximately once every two weeks.

Veterinarians near by me say that this time can be lengthened, if the pets are very active, spend lots of time outside. Or if they are doing a lot of exercising on concrete. Such as joining there owner on a walk on a sidewalk.

While any pet groomer or veterinarians near by me will be more than happy to cut cats and dogs nails whenever they are needed. Many pet owners want to save money and time by learning how to do this themselves.

It can be fairly easy to do. And once a pet owner gets comfortable with it. Can clip their dogs or cats nails in just a few minutes each. Which not only will save them time, from not having to drive across town to go to the vet or groomers office. But it can also keep the pet happy. Especially if they are phobic about driving in a vehicle.

It is important that a pet owner gets properly trained on how to do this. So that they don’t end up hurting themselves or their pet in the process. This can save money as well. So that’s the pet owner can spend more money ensuring that their pet has all of the best things oh, such as the best treats, bedding and toys.