Veterinarians Near By Me | The Fundamentals of Nail Trimming


Veterinarians Near By Me | The Fundamentals of Dog Nail Trimming

There are many reasons why pet owners may want to cut their dog or cat’s nails themselves says veterinarians near by me. Whether it is because they don’t have time to take their pet to the groomer as often as they need to clip their nails. Or, their pet has anxiety about being in a vehicle. Or going to the groomer or veterinarian.

Regardless of the reason, it is not only important to keep their pets Nails trimmed at all times. But learn how to do it properly. So that they can avoid hurting their animal. And keep them as trim as possible.

One of the reasons why pet owners should keep their dog and cats nails trimmed says veterinarians near by me. Is because long nails can get caught in things. Whether it is blankets or bedding. Rugs, or even toys. There are a lot of things that they could catch their long nails on.

If the animal struggles, trying to get it nails uncaught from whatever they are stuck on. They might end up ripping their nails in the struggle to get out. Or, if they are startled while they’re caught with their nails embedded in something. They might rip their nails out as the try to get away from whatever startled them.

It’s also very important to keep their nails short for health reasons as well. Veterinarians near by me says that long nails can be very uncomfortable or even painful to walk on. But also that Nails will grow in a curved manner. Curving underneath the animals toes. Potentially pushing the nail into the animals Toes or into their paw pad.


Not only is this very painful to walk on. But if the nail cuts through the skin. It can be even more painful. But also, that is the perfect scenario for bacteria to get into the wound. And start an infection in the dog or the Cats paws.

However, pets who need to get their nails trimmed needs to have it trimmed by someone who knows how. Weather that is veterinarians near by me. Or a pet groomer. And if a pet owner wants to cut their animals Nails. Then they can easily learn.

the first thing that they should do, is get a demonstration at veterinarians near by me. Or a demonstration at their pet groomers place. And not only will they learn great tips and techniques. But they will learn important things such as avoiding how to cut the fleshy part inside the nail called the quick.

And also learn what clipping tools are preferred for a dog as well as a cat. And learn important things such as why they should have clotting powder on hand.

There’s a wide variety of reasons why pet owners will want to take care of this task themselves. But they should not attempt this unless they have received proper guidance and training from the right Authority in the first place. Once they know how. Not only can they save a significant amount of time. But they can also ensure that their pet is happy and healthy for a long time.

Veterinarians Near By Me | The Fundamentals of Cat Nail Trimming

Just about anyone can learn how to cut their pet snails says veterinarians near by me. However, people should not attempt this unless they have spoken to their veterinarian or their groomer. In order to ensure that they have the right technique. As well as the right tools to ensure that they can do it correctly.

The first thing that people should take into consideration is dogs will need to have their nails clipped approximately once a month. Or, more if they are extremely active. Or do a lot of their exercising on concrete. This is going to help wear down the pets Nails. So that they don’t have to get trimmed as often.

Cats on the other hand needs to have their nails cut more often. Not only because their nails are sharper. But because their nails grow faster. Again, veterinarians near by me recommends that if cats are also very active. Or if they spend a lot of time outside, or on concrete. They might be wearing down their nails as well.

So before any pet owner starts cutting their pets nails. They should know what to look for. In order to ensure that they need to be cut in the first place. Because if a pet owner Cuts their pets nails too short. Not only can it cause them pain. But it also means that they are cutting into the fleshy part of the pet snails called a quick.


The quick provides the blood flow to the nails. And in cats and dog nails that are clear or white. The quick is very easily seen. As a pink section starting at the base of their nail into tapering out. Veterinarians near by me says that if their nails are darker or black. It can be much more difficult to know how far to cut their nails. So that they don’t end up accidentally cutting into the quick.

However, even the most seasoned professionals including veterinarians near by me and pet groomers. Accidentally cut the quick from time to time. And so it’s very important for everybody including pet owners. To ensure that they have clotting powder on hand.

This can be packed into the end of the pet snail. To help stop the bleeding. And if pet owners cannot find clotting powder anywhere. Cornstarch will make a decent substitute in a pinch.

Something else that’s pet owners need to keep in mind. Is that the right tool is extremely important. When they get their demonstration from veterinarians near by me. They will have several recommendations on what Clippers are best for their cats and for . and typically they won’t be able to share tools. Because their nails are shaped very differently.

Once a pet owner has been given all of the techniques on how to cut their pets nails. They just needs to take the advice and the tools and head home and start trimming their pets nails. Chances are, the Pats will be a lot more receptive. Without having the excitement or anxiety of a car ride first. Or going to an unfamiliar place and having strangers handle them.