Veterinarians Near By Me | Trimmed Nails Important for Pets


Veterinarians Near By Me | Trimmed Nails Important for Cats

It is very important for pet owners to ensure that their cat and dog has regular nail trimmings says veterinarians near by me. It is to ensure the comfort of their animal. As much as it is to keep them safe as well. While many dog owners are aware of this, and get their dogs nails trimmed when they get groomed. Many cat owners are not aware of this. But should be.

However, veterinarians near by me say that if they are taking their dog to the groomer less than once a month. That’s not often enough for them to have their nails clipped properly. And although dogs nails grow slowly, and are less sharp than a cat’s. Veterinarians near by me recommend that dogs get their nails trimmed about once a month.

Cats on the other hand, have extremely sharp nails. And their nails grow extremely fast. So cat owners should take their cats in for nail trimmings about once every two weeks. Not only will it help minimize the length of their nails. It will help keep their nails as dull as possible, to minimize injury.

1 great reason why pet owners should take their pets in for a regular nail trimming. Is because long nails can get caught in a variety of fabrics. Such as bedding, blankets, and rugs. Veterinarians near by me say that if the animal has trouble freeing themselves once they got caught. They might start to panic, which might cause them to rip their paw in order to get away.


This can damage their paw or just hurt a significant amount. Which neither option is something a pet owner will want. Therefore, regular nail trimmings can ensure that their pets will be less likely to get their nails caught on a variety of soft surfaces in their home.

Another reason why it is very important to get their cats and dogs nails trimmed often. Is because the longer their nail grows, it is going to continue to curl as it grows says veterinarians near by me. Which can cause an animal pain as they start to walk on their nails and not on their toes and pop had.

If the nail continues to grow because it is not getting cuts, it will grow and puncture into the toes and pop had of the animal. Causing significant pain. As well as being a risk for infection. As dirt and bacteria can get into the animal’s open wound.

Regular nail trimmings can help avoid this scenario. So that their animal can run around and exercise with as much comfort as possible. Veterinarians near by me say that another veterinarian technician, or even would be more than happy to clip an animal’s Nails as often as they need to ensure that they can stay happy and healthy.

Once a pet owner knows how often they need to get their pets Nails trimmed, they can have a standing appointment at their pet groomer. Or put in a calendar reminder into their phone to ensure that they are doing this regularly.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Trimmed Nails Are Good For Pets

There are many important reasons why a pet owner should ensure that their pets have their nails clipped regularly says veterinarians near by me. Including ensuring that they are not in pain and can walk and run on their feet without their nails getting in the way. And to avoid them getting their nails caught in soft Fabrics.

However, with the degree of regularity that an owner needs to take their cats or dog to get their nails clipped. Veterinarians near by me say that more and more pet owners are learning how to trim their cats and dogs nails themselves.

Not only is this going to help them save money, because while and nail trim doesn’t cost a lot of money. No matter where the pet owner goes, whether it’s to their pet groomer. Or if they take their cat or dog to veterinarians near by me. Depending on how many animals they have, taking their pet once or twice per month per pet to get their nails clipped can end up being a lot of money.

Also, many pet owners will wants to ensure that their pets don’t have to ride in a car as often as necessary. Because they are phobic of the vehicle. This can cause them to be anxious or upset. Which will result in the animal not being themselves for several days.

Also, people are busier than they ever have been before says veterinarians near by me. And may simply want to save time, by not having to drive across town several times a month.


To ensure that their pets get their nails clipped. They would much rather spend that time with their animal. Playing with them, or taking them out for exercise.

Before a PET owner starts to clip their cats or dogs nails themselves. They should get proper instruction. So they don’t end up accidentally hurting their dog or cat says veterinarians near by me.

The first thing that they will learn, is how to avoid cutting so much nail, that they end up cutting the quick. What the quick of the nail is, is the fleshy part inside the nail, that gives the nails their blood supply. Veterinarians near by me say that not only can this be painful. But it can also cause the animals nail to bleed excessively.

Therefore, anyone who is cutting their cats or dogs nails should ensure that they have a bottle of clotting powder at all times. That can quickly stop the animal from bleeding. However, if that doesn’t work they should take their animals to a veterinarian right away.

The next thing that they will learn, is what the proper tool they should be using is. While there are many Clippers that they can purchase at a pet supply store. There are many different styles for both cats and dogs. And getting their veterinarian technicians opinion of them is important to ensure they have the correct one.