Veterinarians Near By Me | What Is Heartworm?

Veterinarians Near By Me | What Is Heartworm?

Pet owners should be concerned with what heartworm is according to veterinarians near by me. The reason they should be concerned, is because it is 100% preventable with the right preventable treatment.

However, pet owners should understand what heartworm is. So that they can be sure that they are protecting their pet against this.

Heartworm is a parasite spread by mosquitoes. Who transfer the larva of dirofilaria by sucking blood out of the animal. Heartworm typically only affects dogs, cats and ferrets. However, it is more common in dogs.

The reason why it is less common in cats and ferrets. Is because the size of the heartworm itself. Is it larger than most openings in cats and ferrets hearts.

However, because the dogs are larger creatures. The heartworm has an easier time getting inside the heart as well as the other organs such as lungs. That it is more commonly found in dogs.

Humans can also get heartworm. However, it must be from a mosquito carrying the larva biting a human. But the larva typically die in the bloodstream. Before they grow into adults, that will be able to infect a human heart or lungs.

The preventative treatment is something that can be administered on a monthly basis. Therefore, for pet owners who live in the northern climates. Who do not have mosquitoes year-round.

They only need to treat their pet during the months that there are mosquitoes. Similar to flea and tick medications.

There are two different types of medicine. A chewable medicine, that come in delicious labourers that pets love such as beef, pork or chicken.


And there is also a topical medication. For animals that typically refuse chewable medicine such as cats. Or if the animal has previously shown a sensitivity to the chewable medicine. And have reacted by vomiting the medicine up.

This monthly medicine can be obtained from veterinarians near by me. And prevention is going to be a much better way to treat heartworm then if there animal gets infected.

Typically, there is an effective treatment for cats, ferrets and dogs who have developed heartworm. However, the treatments not only is lengthier and more expensive.

The medicine required to treat and kill the heartworm. Can also negatively impact the pet itself. And because of this, typically only healthy animals can undergo the treatment.

But pet owners need to be aware, that their beloved pet could become quite ill with heartworm treatment. Knowing this, can make it much easier to treat heartworm on a monthly basis.

If pet owners have only started treating their pet for heartworm preventatively. Might want to know what the symptoms of heartworm are.

So that they can ensure that their pet did not develop heartworm prior to taking the treatment. In dogs, they can cough, be tired, have difficulty breathing and start to lose weight.

In cats, the symptoms are coughing, vomiting, a lack of appetite, weight loss, difficulty walking. Other unusual symptoms can be seen teeing and seizures.

Veterinarians Near By Me | What Is Heartworm?

It is very important for pet owners to understand what heartworm is according to veterinarians near by me. And how they can prevent their pet from getting it.

Ultimately, heartworm is a parasite with the name dirofilaria. That is infected into pets through the bite of an infected mosquito.

If pet owners are taking their dogs, cats and ferrets to the veterinarian on a regular basis. Veterinarians near by me can do a test. That is typically done once a year, or once every other year.

This is a blood test called a four D test. That detects heartworm proteins that are released by adults female heartworms. They are released into the animals bloodstream, and these are called antigens.

Veterinarians near by me will only need three drops of blood in order to administer this test on site. Within the same appointment, to owners will be able to find out if their pet has tested positive for these antigens.

This is the best time to find out if the pet has heartworm. Because before an animal starts showing symptoms. They will have the best treatment.

Especially since the treatment for animals with heartworm can be very hard on their body. The earlier heartworm is detected. The better the ultimate prognosis is for the animal.

However, while it is possible to test for heartworm on a yearly basis. Most veterinarians near by me suggest that they also engage in preventative treatments. That can be purchased directly from their office.


In addition to being able to test for heartworm. A four the ex-test can also test for Lyme disease, and a plasma, and ehrlichosis. All of these are diseases related to being bitten by tick. And can also be very damaging to a pet.

Many people often wonder if heartworm is contagious. And while it typically is only contracted by being bitten by an infected mosquito.

If a mosquito bites an infected pet. And then bites another pet, it can transmit the heartworm from the infected animal, to the uninfected pet.

Because of the ability to infect healthy animals this way. Although the risk is very low. It is a higher risk in households with multiple animals. Which is why it is even more important.

For households with more than one animal. To start preventative treatment as soon as possible. Since there are print options for preventative treatment. People should find the one that is best suited for their animal. And stick with that on an ongoing basis.

One of the most beneficial things that people need to understand about taking preventative medicine. Is that it 100% guarantees that the animals taking the medicine are protected from heartworm.

However, it also protects dogs, cats and ferrets against roundworm and hookworm. That can also impact the animals health negatively.

Nobody ever wants to hear that their pet has been infected with heartworm. So by taking preventative maintenance. Can ensure that nobody has to hear those words. Or undergo the very difficult treatment that heartworm patients need to take.