Veterinarians Near By Me | What Prevents Cavities in Pets?

Veterinarians Near By Me | What Prevents Cavities in Pets?

If pet owners are not aware that their dogs and cats can develop cavities, veterinarians near by me say that that can cause significant problems. As they will not know what they can do to prevent cavities from occurring.

In fact, cats and dogs can succumb to the same types of dental problems that humans do. And for the same reasons, not brushing their teeth. Which is why one of the most effective treatments against dental problems in both cats and dogs. Is daily brushing of their teeth.

It is important that pet owners who want to brush their pets teeth start introducing their pets toothbrush early on in their life. This way, they will get acclimatized to having a toothbrush in their mouth. And by gently going from playtime, to teeth brushing time. Can help pet owners and their pets get used to this activity.

What can significantly help pets except having their teeth brushed, is that toothpaste. That comes in a variety of flavoured that dogs and cats love. Such as chicken, beef or liver.

Whether they use this toothpaste or none does not matter so much. As long as people are avoiding using human toothpaste on their pets. The reason why, is because human toothpaste contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol. That is extremely toxic to both dogs and cats.

However, many pets but especially cats will not tolerate having their teeth brushed. Aching it very difficult to try to do this on a daily basis. However, that does not mean that there are no options for people who want to keep their pets mouth happy. But their pets will not tolerate tooth brushing.


By knowing that the food that they feed their pet impacts their pets dental health. Can help people choose the right food for their dogs and cats.

While wet food and dry food and up having the same nutritional value. Dry food is crunchy, and as the dog or cat choose it, can scrape tartar buildup off of the pets teeth.

Wet food on the other hand does not need to be chewed at all, and cats and dogs will swallow this. But what ends up happening is their teeth will end up getting coated in a film. Which actually promotes tartar buildup. And as wet food can slide below the gum line, it can cause tartar buildup in the same places, adding to the dental problems the pets can have.

However, veterinarians near by me say that this does not mean that pet owners should avoid feeding their pets wet food. But rather if they are feeding their pets wet food. They should also be creating an oral care routine. That can help their pet gets the tartar buildup off their teeth.

Some people use dental wipes and rinses to get their pets teeth cleaned. And while this is something that their pets will tolerate easier than tooth brushing. It is not as an effective solution.

However it is better than no cleaning at all. But pet owners should understand how important it is to get their pets to veterinarians near by me annually. In order to guard against dental problems.

Veterinarians Near By Me | What Prevents Cavities in Pets?

Dogs and cats, just like humans are susceptible to the same dental problems says veterinarians near by me. And just like humans, the best treatment is prevention. However, this can be difficult in cats and dogs. Especially if they will not tolerate having their teeth brushed.

However, the good news is anything that is crunchy can help clean and animals teeth. Making dental chew treats an extremely good alternative to tooth brushing.

Veterinarians near by me says this is not going to replace tooth brushing. And it will not prevent dental disease from occurring. But can significantly slow it down. And for pets that will not allow their teeth to be brushed, is often one of the only options.

Pet owners can purchase a variety of dental treats that are marketed to help keep their pets mouth healthy. But pet owners do not need to just feed their pets dental treats. Anything that is crunchy and that they too will help keep their teeth just as clean.

For example, many pets love to chew things like deer antlers, or pig years. However, if pet owners feed these to their animals. Veterinarians near by me suggest having supervised chewing sessions. So that they do not get carried away, and end up hurting their teeth or their gums on these very hard chew toys.

In addition to dental chew treats. A soft dental chew toy called an oravet is very recommended. Which helps clean pets teeth though being too hard. In fact, it is so soft that even the most aggressive chewers will not damage their teeth or gums on this toy.


It is also CET certified. Which means board certified veterinarians agree that this is beneficial for pets. It is made of a material that if swallowed, will not obstruct the pets bowels.

And will be very difficult to chew pieces off of. But if accidentally swallowed a piece of, will not cause any health problems for the pet as well.

By using a chew toy, or a treat. Pet owners can scrape the tartar buildup that causes cavities and bad breath off their pets teeth.

Once a year, they should ensure that they are bringing their pet to veterinarians near by me. So that they can get a complete physical done to ensure the pet is healthy. At that appointment, people can request their veterinarian to look inside their pets mouth. To see if there are any dental issues.

In order to complete a full tooth cleaning, the animal will need to be put under general anaesthetic. But a cursory glance around the pets mouth.

Can give the pet owner the information they need. If whether they needs to have a tooth cleaning, or if there are any other problems that the veterinarian can see initially. That need to be dealt with.

By understanding how important good dental care is for their dogs and cats. Can help pet owners ensure that there animal has as healthy a mouth as possible, for as long as they can.