Veterinarians Near By Me | Why Brush Your Pets Teeth


Veterinarians Near By Me | Why Brush Your Pets Teeth

Many pet owners do not even realize that their pets can develop dental disease such as gingivitis and periodontal disease according to veterinarians near by me. And do not even think that it may be necessary for them to brush their pets teeth.

In fact, many pet owners think that brushing pets teeth is only to keep their breath fresh. And not in order to keep them healthy.

As a result, if people find out when their pet is older. That brushing their pets teeth is necessary. It may be very difficult for them to get their pet used to having a toothbrush in their mouth.

It is going to be far easier for a pet owner to get their pet used to a toothbrush. If they introduce it to their pets when they are young, ideally at the puppy or kitten stage.

Veterinarians near by me suggest starting out by introducing it in play. And slowly start using it to brush at their pets teeth. Until their pet is comfortable enough with it that they can start using it to brush their teeth.

Before they start however, people need to take into consideration that they are not using any toothpaste. Especially because human toothpaste contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol.

Which is unfortunately very deadly to both cats and dogs. In fact, any artificial sweetener is toxic and should not be given to any pets ever.


There is toothpaste that is formulated for cats and dogs. And can be purchased either from their veterinarians, or any pet food store. That not only does not contain toxic ingredients.

But also comes in fun flavors that their pets will love. Can make brushing their teeth easier. Such as chicken, beef and liver.

Daily brushing can be so effective at preventing tartar buildup. That when pet owners are able to do this from an early age every day. They can avoid their pet developing gingivitis. Which will first show up in their pets as red gums.

Not only can daily brushing prevent gingivitis. But it will also prevent periodontal disease. Which can threaten the health of individual teeth, and is the reason why many dogs and cats have to have teeth removed later in their life.

However, if people have not been brushing their pets teeth regularly. And may notice that they have a lot of buildup on their pets teeth. Or that they have already started to develop gingivitis. Veterinarians near by me say that they still can get treatment to help keep their mouth healthy.

Pet owners can always take their dogs and cats to their veterinarian in order to get there teeth cleaned. That can scrape off the tartar buildup. And get rid of any calculus if it is started to form.

So that their pets teeth can be healthy. And they can start taking care of their pets teeth, and avoiding that tartar buildup from starting again.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Why Brush Your Pets Teeth

Brushing pets teeth can help keep the tartar buildup away says veterinarians near by me. And can be extremely effective at helping pets have healthy mouth. so they do not develop things like periodontal disease or cavities.

However, many people have not started brushing their pets teeth. And their pet will not tolerate having their teeth brushed this late in life. But that does not mean there is nothing that pet owners can do.

From the food that they eat, to the treats that pet owners give them. And even purchasing dental devices for pets to chew on. Can all help clean the tartar buildup off of the pets teeth. So that they can avoid developing dental problems like periodontal disease and cavities.

Starting with food, many pet owners make the decision to feed their pets wet food or dry food. Without taking into consideration how these choices affect their oral hygiene.

Dry food has a cleaning component to it. And as the dog or cat choose the food, the hard kibble can scrape against their teeth, taking any tartar buildup with it.

And while wet food is healthy, dogs and cats will not chew it as they eat it, because it does not need chewing. And as a result, the wet food that gets on a pets teeth will stay there. Which promotes tartar buildup.

Not only that, but as the wet food causes tartar buildup. It can also slide underneath the gum line. Where it will promote tooth decay, and other dental problems.


Veterinarians near by me recommend if people feed their pets wet food. That they should also feed some dry either at the end of the meal, once a day. Or give their pets dental chews to eat that will help them clean their teeth. Or dental devices that they chew on, that will brush their teeth for them.

The best kind of dental chew is called oravet. Which is a soft material and is also CET certified. Which means board certified veterinarians all agree that it is good for pets to chew on.

An oravet is made of non-toxic material. That if accidentally swallowed, will not obstruct the pets bowels. And can contain bristles that can be very effective at scraping off any tartar buildup on the pets teeth.

However, no matter how good the pets dental routine is. It is never a substitution for taking pets to veterinarians near by me to get their teeth cleaned.

By having their veterinarian monitor the health of their pets mouth. Can ensure that any problems that develop in their dog or cat’s mouth are dealt with quickly. So that they do not get worse later in their life.

And while prevention is the best treatment for dogs and cats. It is never too late to develop great oral hygiene habits. And can get any dental problems fixed right away. So that pets can have healthy teeth moving into the future. And help keep them happy for many years to come.