Veterinarians Near By Me | Why Ensure Your Pets Nails Are Trimmed


Veterinarians Near By Me | Ensure Your Pets Nails Are Trimmed

Even though cat and dog owners love to Lavish affection on their furry family member says veterinarians near by me. They might buy them the best and most nutritious food, the most delicious treats and the most fun toys. As well as ensuring that they are groomed to Perfection at all times. They might Overlook an important part of the grooming process which is the nails.

It is extremely important that pet owners are getting their pets Nails trimmed as often as necessary. They may think that the nail trimming that they get when they go to the pet groomers is often enough. But veterinarians near by me say that if they are not getting trimmed monthly or earlier, then that is definitely not enough.

Dogs, have slower growing nails and only needs to get their nails trimmed once every month. But cats have faster growing nails. And they’re all so much sharper. So it’s much more important for the cat to get trimmed twice as often as the dog.

Veterinarians near by me say that if the pets gets regular exercise on concrete for example like a dog going for a walk on the sidewalk with their owner. They may actually wear down their nails quite efficiently. And might not need nail clippings as often as monthly.


As long as a pet owner is aware of what to look for. They can look at their dog’s nails on a regular basis. And make the decision on how often to get them clipped according to veterinarians near by me.

The reason why it’s so important to get their pets Nails trimmed often. Is because the longer they get, the more easy they are going to get caught in things like blankets, bedding and rugs.

This in and of itself is not necessarily dangerous. However, if the pet struggles to free themselves. They could end up ripping their nail or ripping it completely off.

This is likely to happen if the animal tries to free themselves and can’t. They might Panic which would cause them to rip their nail. Or, they might get startled while their nails are caught and as they jump, it will cause them to rip their nails.

Another reason why pet owners should get their cats and dogs nails clipped often. Is because it can hurt them to walk with long nails. This is because their nails are curved, and the longer they grow, the more curved they get. When they become long enough to push down on the floor, it can cause a dog or a cat discomfort to walk with their nail pushed tight against the floor.

If the animal still does not get their nails trimmed, the nail will grow back around into the Paw, potentially cutting into their toes or paw pad. This is extremely painful veterinarians near by me. And also increases the risk of bacteria getting into the cuts and giving them an infection.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Have Your Pets Nails Trimmed

It’s very important that pet owners ensure their pet snails gets trimmed regularly according to veterinarians near by me. Ideally, dog should get them trimmed every month. While cats should get them trimmed every two weeks.

Unfortunately, many pet owners don’t want to take their animal for a car ride that often. Because they are either phobic. Or they have anxiety when they get into a vehicle. Therefore, they minimize the amount of trips they take with their animal. And so they want to avoid taking their animal to veterinarians near by me to allow a veterinarian technician to cut their nails. Or taking their animal to a pet groomer.

Another very valid reason that a pet owner may not want to take their animal once or twice a month to a pet groomer to get their nails clipped. Is because they simply can’t afford it. While it is not very expensive. It can still add up. Especially if a pet owner has more than one animal.

Also, had two owners are busier than they ever have been before. And they may not have the time to take their animal once or twice a month to their pets grooming place. Because they work while the pet groomer is open.

Or they simply would rather spend the time with their pets playing and exercising. Then driving across town for a nail cutting appointment.


Therefore, they learn how to cut their animals Nails themselves. So that they can save time, save money, and keep their animal as happy as they possibly can.

Veterinarians near by me say that they should keep several things in mind when they are learning to cut their pets nails. And the first thing is to know how far up the nail to cut. To avoid cutting into the animals quick. This is the fleshy part of the nail. And brings blood flow to it.

In animals that have white or clear Nails. It will look like a section of pink inside the nail. And if that is accidentally cut. It will be painful for the animal. And cause them to bleed. Veterinarians near by me say that this is the reason why they also should have clotting powder on hand.

Even the best professional is going to make it a mistake and cut the quick from time to time. The clotting powder will stop the bleeding. And can be purchased at any pet supply store. However, if a pet owner can’t find any. Cornstarch will work in a pinch.

They also should find out exactly what type of Clippers they should be using. Because the Clippers are going to be different for a dog as well as a cat. And there will be dozens of different types of Clippers to choose from.

When a pet owner learns how to cut their pet snails. It will help ensure that they can cut their nails as often as is needed. Ensuring that they are staying happy and healthy.