Veterinarians Near By Me | Why Trim Cats and Dogs Claws

Veterinarians Near By Me | Why We Trim Cats and Dogs Claws

There are many important reasons why pet owners should ensure that their cats and dogs nails are clipped regularly according to veterinarians near by me. It’s not only to ensure that they are comfortable. But it can also ensure that they don’t inadvertently hurt themselves or others with their nails. And because their nails can become cost on a wide variety of surfaces inside the home.

The first thing that pet owners should know, is that dogs nails grow slower than cats. And need to be cut about once a month. Cats are sharper, and grow faster according to veterinarians near by me. And therefore, needs to be cut once every two weeks.

If people think that their regular pet groomer is going to keep their nails trimmed as often as necessary. That is only true if they are taking their dog to the groomer about once a month. If not, then they may need to do trims in between grooming sessions.

However, veterinarians near by me say that if dogs are going for regular walks on concrete, or if they got a lot of exercise. Or spend a lot of time outside. They may be wearing down their nails. And may not need once a month nail trimmings. A consultation with their pet groomer. Or a veterinarian can let the pet owner know. Approximately how often they should get them trimmed.

Also, if pet owners want to minimize the amount of times they have to clip their cats nails. Veterinarians near by me Recommend using claw caps. Which are little silicone covers that can go over the cat’s nails. Making them more dull. So that they are less sharp. And so they don’t have to get their nails trimmed nearly as often.


However, this is not going to replace cutting the nails. And as the cat’s nails grow longer. The clock apps will fall off. Requiring another nail trim. Before we applying them to their cat.

Another important thing to note. Is that in addition to their pet groomer. A veterinarian or a veterinarian Tech will be able to cut their pets nails. And it should only take them a few minutes at most. So it doesn’t have to take up a lot of a pet owners time to ensure that their pets can have nicely trimmed Nails all the time.

Pet owners may also decides they want to learn how to cut their pet snails themselves. And that is a great option. So that they can monitor their cats or dogs nails themselves. And decide when the best time to clip them would be. So that they never have to get too long.

If a pet owner wants to learn this, they should get proper instruction first. So that they don’t make a mistake that could hurt their animal, or cause anxiety to their cat or dog. Once they learn this, clipping their pet snails should be fast, and allow them to get on with their day

Veterinarians Near By Me | Why Trim Cats and Dogs Claws

Many pet owners may want to what’s who cuts their pets Nails according to veterinarians near by me. Because it will save them a lot of time as well as money. This is very easy to learn. But they should go to a groomer, or a veterinarian Tech to learn how to do this first.

One of the first things that a pet owner is going to need to do, is learn how to avoid the animals quick. This is a fleshy piece inside the dog or cat’s nail. And supplies blood to the nail to keep them healthy. Because it is a supply of blood. If it gets cut by accident. It is going to bleed quite a bit.

This is easy to avoid in dogs and cats that have clear or white nails says veterinarians near by me. Because the quick will be very easy to see. It will look like a pink part of the nail. And as long as the pet owner avoids that area, they will not cut into the quick.

However, for animals that have dark nails or black coloured nails. Veterinarians near by me says this is a much more difficult Prospect. Pet owners needs to learn from veterinarians near by me, or their pet groomer how much nail to cut. To avoid cutting into the quick.


It’s a much better scenario, to cut shorter than absolutely necessary. And to cut to the nails more often. Which is why it’s an extremely good thing for pet owners to learn how to cut your pet’s Nails themselves. So they can make smaller Cuts, more often.

The next thing that pet owners need to take into consideration, is that because there is a risk of cutting the quick. Veterinarians near by me recommended that pet owners keep something called clotting powder available when they are cutting their cat or dogs nails.

If they do accidentally cut the quick. It will be much easier to stop the bleeding with clotting powder. But if a pet owner cannot find clotting powder at their local pet supply store. They can always use cornstarch. However, they should also be very mindful of how much the quick is bleeding. And get them to their veterinarian quickly if the bleeding does not stop.

The next thing that they can ask their pet groomer or veterinarians near by me. Is what Clippers they recommend for their cat and for their dog. It’s likely that they need different clippers for each animal. Because their nails are shaped so differently. And while there are many options available at any pet store. Knowing which ones are the best is very important.

Once a pet owner knows exactly what to do to clip their pets Nails effectively. They can minimize trips in a car to go see the pet groomer or a veterinarian. And spend the extra time exercising and playing together to enjoy their life.