What Is Your Cat Telling You Part 1


Veterinarian Fox Chapel | What Is Your Cat Telling You Part One

We just love our pets, says Veterinarian Fox Chapel owner, Dr. Linkenheimer. We welcome them into our homes with open arms, and they have their own quirks and personalities. They bring us such joy, in fact, studies have shown that owning pets is such a health benefit in so many ways. Whether for health benefits or companionship, these little furballs bring us such joy.

what is your cat telling you

But What Is Your Cat Telling You? When we learn to decipher our cats language and what they are telling us, the bonds can go much deeper, and the relationship between cat and human can be more meaningful. We often love to snuggle our cats. Whether it’s the end of a long day, relaxing on the couch while watching television, or playing with them, cats bring to us a wide variety of physical, mental and emotional health benefits. They lower our stress levels, whether we are petting them, the sensory touch of their fur, and the meditative stroking actually calms our nervous system.

Cats Keep Us From Being Alone

And when a cat is happy, they purr, which has been scientifically proven to lower your blood pressure. They reduce our feelings of loneliness , since they can be a companion, whether we live in a large house, or a small apartment. Other health benefits include improving our cardiovascular health, preventing allergies, and giving us purpose in our lives.

Owning a pet is hard work

While owning pets takes work, they need exercise, mental stimulation, fresh water, food and their litter box changed. That’s a small price to pay for what they bring to us, and our improved quality of life says Dr. Linkenheimer of veterinarian Fox Chapel clinic River Valley Veterinary Hospital. And while many of their actions are easy to understand – we know when they want to play, for example. As well, most cats are not shy to tell us when they want to be fed. A lot of other cat behavior can leave us wondering, what is going on in their mysterious cat brain?

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Why Does Your Cat Purr?

what is your cat telling you

While we wish they had words to speak, there are many clear indications of what a cat is thinking, and what they want based on their body language. Here are the basics you need to learn: Purring: While many people believe that a cat is purring when they are happy, this is only true some of the time, says veterinarian Fox Chapel clinic owner, Dr. Linkenheimer.

They often purr when they are happy, but purring is a self soothing sound as well. When they are nervous or scared, they often end up purring to put themselves at ease. Studies have shown that cats purr when they are injured, as the purr is at frequencies that are optimal for pain relief.

Not only pain relief, but the healing power of purrs are now thought to help fight off infections and swelling. Even help repair muscles and tendons and increase joint mobility. So when you are not feeling well, and your cat stays close, purring, they may not just be enjoying your company. Many believe that the cat senses your illness and is actively trying to heal you. Our cats are truly amazing, and love us!

What Is Your Cat Saying?

Purring is also a form of communication says veterinarian Fox Chapel doctor, Dr. Linkenheimer. For example, even deaf kittens purr just days after birth, and this helps their mother find them. A purr can be a way a cat indicates it’s ready to eat, in an action called coercive purring. Coercive purring is also at play when people start stroking and petting them. It’s their way of communicating: “I want you to continue”. And can manipulate the tone of their purr to indicate different messages to the people who are paying attention. (https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn17455-hungry-cats-trick-owners-with-baby-cry-mimicry/)

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