Emergency Vet Springdale | Healthy Dogs Have Healthy Teeth


Emergency Vet Springdale | Healthy Dogs Have Healthy Teeth

It is very important for pet owners to be caring for their dogs oral health, to avoid unnecessary emergency vet Springdale visits. Because when dogs have poor oral hygiene.

They often need to get teeth extracted in an emergency setting. That can be stressful, and put further strain on the animal. And there are many easy things that pet owners can do.

To ensure that their pets have clean and healthy teeth. One of the first things that veterinarians recommend is brushing their teeth on a regular basis.

Similar to humans, brushing teeth is the only sure fire way. To eliminate tartar buildup, and prevent dental disease. While all other activities that pet owners do. Will simply slow the progression of dental disease.

Therefore, to keep their animals as healthy as possible. For as long as they can. Brushing their teeth gives them the biggest impact on their overall health. And learning how to brush their pets teeth is very easy.

One of the first things that Arians recommend. Is introduce the toothbrush to their pet during playtime. So that they can get used to having the toothbrush in their mouth. And not have it associate with brushing.

The next thing that they can do, is slowly starts to move the toothbrush around the pets mouth. To get there used to brushing their teeth. Finally, veterinarians recommend brushing at the teeth.

And by adding a pet friendly toothpaste. Not only are they going to be more successful in getting tartar buildup off their teeth. They can make it delicious and fun for their pet as well.


However, pet owners need to ensure that they are using pet specific toothpaste. And not toothpaste designed for human consumption. Because that toothpaste contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol.

And xylitol is unfortunately toxic to animals. And will result in an emergency vet Springdale trip. In order to help keep the animal alive. Therefore, pet owners should avoid using human toothpaste on their pets.

The added bonus of pet toothpaste, is because it comes in different varieties such as tuna, chicken. That can be delicious to pets. And allow them to feel like it is a treat, and special bonding time.

The next thing that pet owners can do. That can significantly impact their pets oral health. Is taking them into their veterinarians office regularly. For a dental checkup for preventative maintenance.

This way, even if they are brushing their pets regularly. They can minimize problems by catching them early. Instead of letting dental disease progress. Until the dog is in pain.

And then they will need an emergency vet Springdale visit. When the dog is already stressed out, and potentially elderly. They will to be able to handle the procedure as easily as they could.

If they were taking care event when they were younger. And when the problem was small. Therefore, engaging in regular toothbrushing. And regular dental visits. Can help ensure the pet’s overall health.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Healthy Dogs Have Healthy Gums

When pet owners want to ensure their pets overall health, as well as avoid an emergency vet Springdale visit. An easy way to do that, is by taking care of their pets teeth.

A very important reason why avoiding dental problems is so significant. Is because regardless of what dental problem an animal might have. The veterinarian will have to put them under general anaesthetic to fix.

Which can be stressful, and if the parent is elderly. Or in order health to begin with. It can be very risky. And put the animals health at risk just to fix a problem that was easy to rent in the first place.

Therefore, there are many things that veterinarians recommend. The pet owners, to take great care of their teeth and their oral health. So they can avoid having to make an emergency vet Springdale trip for their teeth.

One of the first things that veterinarians recommend is feeding their pets the right food. And while they choice is ultimately between wet food and dry food. Both have the same nutritional components.

But the reason why veterinarians recommend dry pet food. Is because the chewing modality combined with the crunchy kibble. Can help clean the pets teeth effectively. To reduce tartar buildup.

While this does not replace toothbrushing. It will help make toothbrushing easier. So that pet owners are more likely to prevent tartar buildup when I do brush their pets teeth.

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However when on the other hand pet food can be very bad for their pets dental health. The reason why, is because wet food does not need to be chewed at all. Which means the food is going to be very likely.

To get stuck under their gum line, where it will definitely cause tartar buildup. And be more likely to cause gingivitis, periodontal disease. And dental decay, that will eventually require an emergency vet Springdale visit.

Two extracting teeth that are rotten, due to eating wet food on a regular basis. In addition, wet food also lead a slimy film on the pets teeth. That causes tartar buildup to happen even faster.

Therefore, to ensure pets have as good teeth as possible. Even before a pet owner can brush the teeth. They should feed them dry food, instead of wet food on a regular basis.

The next thing that veterinarians recommend. In order to help pet owners be proactive. In caring for their pet owners teeth. Is using a dental chew toy.

Dental chew toys are extremely effective. Because they allow a pets natural urge to chew. Help them keep their teeth. However veterinarians recommend pet owners supervise their pets.

So that they do not accidentally chew off a piece that can cause a choking hazard. Or obstruction their bowels. Which will require an emergency vet Springdale trip with the animal.

There are many things that pet owners can do to help keep their animal safe and healthy. And caring for their oral health is just one of the many things that they can do.