Emergency Vet Springdale | How Pets Can Have Healthy Mouths


Emergency Vet Springdale | How Pets Can Have Healthy Mouths

Many pet owners may not realize how important it is to ensure their pets oral hygiene, and how it can help them avoid having to make an emergency vet Springdale visit. However, the healthier a pets mouth is, the healthier their overall health is at the same time.

And when pet owners learn what they can do. To help keep their pets mouth as healthy as possible. It can be very easy to ensure that their pets are healthy overall for many years.

One of the first things that veterinarians recommend pet owners do. Is learn how to brush their pets teeth. Because just like in humans, brushing is the only way to eliminate tartar buildup on their pets teeth.

However, pet owners need to be very diligent. Particularly and introducing a toothbrush into their pets mouth. Because they may not tolerate having their teeth brushed very easily.

That is why they should start introducing a toothbrush into their pets playtime. As early as possible when they first get their pets. So that they can get used to having the toothbrush in their mouth.

Which will make brushing easier. However, when it comes to using toothpaste, it is very important that pet owners are choosing the right kind. And avoiding using human toothpaste on pets at all.

The reason why, is because human toothpaste has an artificial sweetener. And that artificial sweeteners called xylitol, and is deadly to both cats and dogs. Therefore, build intentions people using human toothpaste on their pets.

That will end up requiring an emergency vet Springdale visit. That puts their animals health at risk. In a way that is completely avoidable by using that friendly toothpaste instead.


Not only is pet friendly toothpaste safe for both cats and dogs. But it also comes in fun and delicious flavours. Such as tuna, beef and chicken. That pets will love, and look at toothbrushing time as a treat.

Another thing that pet owners can do to ensure their pets oral health is as good as possible. And that is to give them a dental chew device regularly. This can help take care of tartar buildup that was missed through brushing.

However, veterinarians recommend that people monitor their pet carefully. While they are chewing, to ensure that not only are they chewing their device properly.

And in the way that is not going to hurt their teeth or gums. But so that they are not accidentally fighting off pieces that they might swallow and choke on.

Or swallowing the entire device and have it become a bowel obstruction that can end in a trip to the emergency vet Springdale.

To avoid this, many vets recommend giving their pet and oravet chew device. Which is not only CET approved, which means it is certified by board veterinarians. That agree it is good for pets.

But also, it is soft enough that it will not hurt the animals gums if they choose very hard. It is small enough, that if swallowed it does not present a choking hazard. And will not obstruct the bowels as well.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Pets Can Have Healthy Mouths

As soon as pet owners are bringing their new pet home, they can do several things that can help them avoid having to make an emergency vet Springdale visits. Such as ensuring their pets have great oral hygiene.

Often, pet owners do not even think about their pets oral hygiene. Until they go to the veterinarian, completing that their pet has increasingly smelly breath.

Not even realizing that the reason why they have bad breath. Is because they have dental problems, such as gingivitis, periodontal disease or even tooth decay.

And when they are taking note of how bad the problem is. Because of the smell. This often requires an emergency vet Springdale visits. With a will needs to put their pets under general anaesthetic.

In order to take care of their teeth that are likely causing problems including pain for the animal. In fact, pet owners often think that smelly breath is just a regular part of being a pet owner.

And do not go to the veterinarian, until their pet is in a lot of pain. And they are no longer eating food, or chewing their toys. Which causes them to take their pet to get a checkup in their mouth.

At this point, the veterinarian often will have no choice but to do many tooth extractions. Which will impact the pet significantly. However, it does not need to happen this way.

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People can literally avoid having to make an emergency vet Springdale visits. By learning how to take care of their pets teeth early on in their pets life with them.

The first thing that veterinarians recommend, is feeding their pet the right pet food. That is going to help eliminate tartar buildup. And this means pet owners should feed their pet dry pet food.

The modality of chewing, combined with the crunchy kibble. Can help scrape the pets teeth clean as they chew. So that they are going to have a list tartar buildup on their teeth.

Wet pet food, while nutritionally sound. Does not require chewing on the half of the pet. And can in fact cause tartar buildup. Because the wet pet food will be more likely to get stuck underneath the gum line.

And even if pet owners are brushing their pets teeth. Can cause a lot of tartar buildup to form. Simply because it is going to be much more difficult for pet owners to brush their pets teeth underneath the gum line.

Therefore, when they feed their pet dry food, instead of wet pet food. They are going to help ensure their pets have the better oral hygiene.

It can help them avoid having to make an emergency vet Springdale visit. Due to a wide variety of dental problems that have formed in their pets mouth.

The sooner pet owners know what they can do to give their pets healthy mouth. The sooner they can be healthy for a longer time. So that pet owners can enjoy having their pet for many years.