Emergency Vet Springdale | Keeping Pets Teeth Healthy

Emergency Vet Springdale | Keeping Pets Teeth Healthy

It is very important for pet owners to ensure that there taking care of their pets teeth, otherwise they may end up requiring an emergency vet Springdale visit. Whether they have a cat or a dog, there teeth health will help ensure their overall health is good.

And while many people do not think about it. Regular brushing of their cat or dog’s teeth. Is the best way to ensure that their teeth are healthy. Just like humans, regular brushing will help keep their teeth tartar free.

And what will happen to their teeth, if they are not kept free of tartar and plaque buildup. Is they are going to eventually get gingivitis. And if the tartar buildup is days on their teeth.

It will turn into a cement like substance called calculus. And when that calculus gets underneath their gum line. It will push up the gums, causing them pain. Then it will turn into periodontal disease.

Also, when pet owners are not regularly brushing their dog and cats teeth. They are going to be more likely to develop tooth decay. Which is going to cause them a lot of pain especially when they eat, or chew.

This is require an emergency vet Springdale visit. Where they will have to put the animal under general anaesthetic. In order to look at and fix their teeth. And the older the pet is, the worse they are going to be able to tolerate the anaesthetic.

Therefore, when people get into the habit of brushing their pets teeth on a regular basis. Their pet will not have this tartar buildup. And be less likely to develop problems. Such as gingivitis, periodontal disease and cavities.


However, when people are getting into the habit of brushing their pets teeth. They need to use the correct toothpaste. When that is formulated and designed for use on animals teeth.

The reason why, is because human toothpaste contains an artificial sweetener. In this its artificial sweeteners called xylitol, and is actually deadly to both cats and dogs.

Therefore, people who accidentally use human toothpaste when they are learning to brush their pets teeth. May end up with an emergency vet Springdale visit. And it could be completely avoided.

Instead, veterinarians recommend using toothpaste that is formulated for cats and dogs. That has ingredients that are completely safe for animals. Plus, and comes in fun flavoured, such as tuna or chicken. That both cats and dogs love.

In order to get there pets used to having their teeth brushed. Veterinarians recommend introducing the toothbrush during playtime. So that the animal gets used to having the toothbrush in their mouth.

So that when the pet owner uses it to brush at their teeth, it is less of an intrusion. And it will make getting into the habit of brushing their teeth easier.

With how important it is to take care of their cat and dogs teeth. All pet owners need to start learning how to brush their pets teeth. And they will be able to avoid significant health issues in the future.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Keeping Pets Teeth Healthy

Many pet owners do not take into consideration their pets teeth, but healthy teeth can help them avoid an emergency vet Springdale visit. Because the good oral hygiene. As a part of an overall healthy animal.

One of the first things that pet owners can do. That will start caring for their pets teeth. Whether they have a cat or a dog. Is feed them dry pet food on a regular basis.

While veterinarians will agree that both wet pet food and dry pet food. Both have the same nutritional value. And pets will be healthy with either food.

It will also recommends that if there pet does not have an issue. Where they will not be able to chew their food. That all pet owners should feed their cats and their dogs dry pet food at all times.

And the reason for that recommendation. Is because not only the mode of action of chewing. Is how they are going to keep their teeth clean, and have less tartar buildup.

But as they choose the crunchy food, the hard kibble will scrape their teeth as they chew. Which will ensure that their teeth are as tartar free as possible. By the time they are done their food.

Wet pet food on the other hand does not require the animal to chew it. And will tend to get underneath the gum line. Where not only it will cause tartar buildup. But it will be more likely to cause cavities as well.

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And especially if pet owners are not brushing their pets teeth directly after each meal. The sooner they get their pets on wet pet food. The sooner they are likely going to have problems like periodontal disease.

This can cause the pet a lot of pain. Especially when they eat, often requiring an emergency vet Springdale visit. In order to get their teeth examined, or even pulled teeth because they are refusing to eat.

And the older a pet is when they go under general anaesthetic, which is required for the dental examination. The more that may put the animals overall health at risk. As they are less likely to tolerate medication as they age.

However, pet owners may want to know what other ways they can keep their pets teeth healthy. Other than just giving them dry pet food. And most veterinarians recommend giving them dental choose.

However, they need to ensure that they are monitoring their pet when they use these dental choose. Because if they end up swallowing pieces or the entire dental chew.

They may require an emergency vet Springdale visit. Either because it is a choking hazard. Or because it could cause of bowel obstruction.

Also, by monitoring the pet as they chew on their dental device. Will ensure that they are chewing it correctly. To get the full dental benefit of the device.

Keeping pets teeth healthy is an important way that pet owners are ensuring their cats and dogs healthy overall. And should be considered as soon as a pet owner adopts their new family member.