Emergency Vet Springdale | Minimizing Tartar Build Up


Emergency Vet Springdale | Minimizing Tartar Build Up

Although pet owners should be brushing their pets teeth regularly, if they do not they may end up requiring an emergency vet Springdale visit. Due to periodontal disease or other dental issues.

This is why most veterinarians recommend people start to brush their cat or dog’s teeth. The day they bring them home for the first time. By introducing a toothbrush during playtime.

And eventually moving to brush their pets teeth. And then adding a pet friendly toothpaste after a couple of days. So that their pets can get used to running their teeth brushed.

However, if people do not listen to their veterinarians advice. Of getting a pet friendly toothpaste. They might end up mistakenly using human toothpaste. Which would cause them to make an emergency vet Springdale visit.

Because human toothpaste contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol. Which is toxic to dogs and cats. Therefore, people need to ensure that if they are starting to brush their pets teeth.

That they purchase pet friendly toothpaste. Either directly from their veterinarians office. Or go to the pet supply store. In order to get the right toothpaste. That also will come in fun, pet friendly flavors.

Such as chicken, tuna and beef. Which will make toothbrushing time. A fun experience for the pet. Similar to getting a treat, it can help them acclimatize to getting their teeth brushed.

However, if people do not start brushing their animals teeth quickly. They may not ever be able to get their pet to accept a toothbrush in their mouth. And when that is the case, many people turn to dental wipes and rinses.


And while they are not going to damage a cat or dog’s teeth. They are not as effective as brushing. And while they can slow the progression of dental disease. It is not going to help them eliminate getting dental problems.

However, the sooner people start using it dental wipes and rinses in their pets mouth. The more effectively they are going to be able to slow dental diseases from forming.

Because if they start using these products before tartar buildup starts. They will be able to keep their pets teeth as clean as possible. To minimize dental problems.

Another way to ensure that they had owners are keeping their cat and dogs teeth as healthy as possible. Is through regular visits to the veterinarian. For dental checkups.

The reason why, is because when the veterinarian is able to see inside the pets mouth regularly. They will be able to stay ahead of issues that may become worse over time.

If pet owners are not allowing their veterinarian to have an dental examination with their pets. They may require an emergency vet Springdale visit. Due to a dental emergency, or pain.

And since most cat or dog’s that develop dental issues. Are going to be older. In order to undergo an emergency dental visit. Will need to put them under general anaesthetic. Which may cause strain on an older animals heart.

Therefore, to ensure that there cats and dogs are kept as healthy as possible. Pet owners should not only care for their pets teeth regularly. But have their veterinarian look at their teeth regularly as well.

Emergency Vet Springdale | Reducing Tartar Build Up

When pet owners first get their cat or a dog, they need to take care of their teeth from the beginning to avoid any emergency vet Springdale visits. Caused by dental emergencies.

One of the first things that veterinarians will recommend. Is for pet owners to feed their dogs and there cats dry pet food. Because that can help keep their teeth as clean as possible.

The modality of chewing dry food will clean tartar buildup off of the pets teeth as they chew. And can prevent food from building up underneath the gum line.

While wet pet food is healthy. Because it does not require any chewing. It tends to get stuck under the gum line. Where not only can it cause tartar buildup. But it will also promote tooth decay as well.

And while it is best practices. For pet owners to be regularly brushing their pets teeth. If they are not brushing their pets teeth, or are not brushing their pets teeth consistently.

Feeding them dry pet food is the first line of defence. Against tartar buildup, that can cause dental issues. Therefore, the sooner pet owners can start feeding their pets dry pet food, the better.

As well, veterinarians recommend pet owners giving their dogs and there cats a dental chew toy. To help keep tartar buildup from forming on their pets teeth and below the gum line.

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However, in order to avoid making an emergency vet Springdale visit. Pet owners need to supervise their pets dental chew time.

If their cat or dog accidentally swallows the dental chew, or bites pieces off. Not only can it become a choking hazard. It can also cause a bowel obstruction.

Which is why many veterinarians are now recommending an oravet. Which is a soft type of dental chew. That is see the approved. Which means it passes a board examination. And is certified safe for pets to chew.

What is unique about an oravet. Is that it is soft enough to not obstruct the bowels. And is small enough, that it will fit down a pets esophagus. So that if they do accidentally swallowing it.

It is not going to cause any major problems or require an emergency vet Springdale trip. And the soft nature of this chew toy. Means that no matter how hard a pet is chewing the oravet.

It is going to be able to clean the teeth well. Without damaging their gums or any other soft parts of their mouth. By staying on top of a pets oral health.

Pet owners are ensuring that there pets can stay healthy throughout their entire body. Because if they end up having dental issues, it can cause greater health issues for the pet. So keeping their pets teeth healthy can keep their entire pet healthy for their lifetime.